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Sweet Cellar

We believe in keeping both life and desserts, sweet, fresh, and bursting with love! Come indulge with us.

The Goods

1. Coffee

After a busy day, filled with site seeing, it’s never a bad idea to refill your cup with rich, invigorating, espresso!

2. Tea

If you are looking for something more mellow, but equally delicious, try one of our loose leaf teas! We serve them hot and iced!

3. Sweets

By using local, seasonal products, our goods shine! Our menu may be small, but that is done to ensure optimal freshness.

How it all began…

Brenna here! I was born in the U.S. and have loved eating, and baking as long as I can remember. Most all my experience comes from baking for the family with my mom, so if Sweet Cellar’s desserts have a homey vibe, that’s why. I moved to Albania some years ago and fell hopelessly in love with the country. At long last, I decided to take a risk and marry my oldest love with my newest: desserts and Gjirokaster.

Gjirokaster is located in the south of Albania. As a UNESCO site, it is home to slightly dilapidated but nonetheless fairy-tale like architecture, and hundreds of years of fascinating history. Come see for yourself, and you will understand why I stayed.

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Sweet Cellar

Gjirokaster, Albania

Rruga Astrit Karagjozi
Old Town, Pazar

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